LGE details

The $SNEK token will be launched through a modified FairAuction smart contract, ensuring a fair launch with no time element or front-running

LGE has been sold out in less than 5 minutes. Congratulations and big thanks to all participants!

LGE overview

How to participate in LGE

  1. Connect your wallet (if you dont have Avalanche C-Chain added to your web3 wallet our site will add network details for you, but it would be lot better if you are prepared since you need to have AVAX ready to participate in LGE, Chainlist.org is an awesome site that handles it for you in few clicks)

We recommend using https://avalanche.public-rpc.com/ - as RPC, its currently offers smoothest experience

  1. Here you are able to input amount of AVAX/wAVAX (both and either are accepted) that you want to deposit to smart contract in exchange for $SNEK

  2. Simply click Deposit and you are done

  3. On screen 4 you can see graph of collected Avax as well as its effect on $SNEK price, more $AVAX collected, higher $SNEK price since all 10,000,000 of $SNEK will be distributed no matter how much is raised.

  4. Screen 5 shows basic info about LGE, duration is set for 7 days or until hard cap of 20,000 $AVAX is reached, current price of $SNEK and amount of $AVAX that has been raised.

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