Swap fees and gauge bribes are accumulated in real time and are paid out in bulk after epoch flip to their respective voters.

There are several types of rewards that SoliSnek users can receive:

  1. Gauge bribes

  2. Liqudity pool bribes

  3. Swap fees

  4. Emissions

  5. Rebases

Gauge bribes - Protocols and users can bribe gauges, $SNEK emissions are then directed to those gauges proportional to vote they received from veSNEK voters Bribes are distributed only to voters on that gauge, proportionally to their share of pool votes

Liquidity pool bribes - Same way as gauge bribes, users are able to bribe Liquidity pool providers, this is additional incentive along with regular $SNEK emissions

Swap fees - concept that Solidly model made popular, unlike conventional DEXes where fees accrued are distributed to liquidity providers, at SoliSnek fees are accruing in bribe contract and are distributed to gauge voters for that pool week after they have been accrued.

Emissions - Liquidity pool providers receive $SNEK emissions based on votes their respective pool earned

Rebases - Rebases or dillution protection model will be capped at 20%

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