For first several epochs team will control pool creation, this is to ensure stability at initial stage as well to prevent any malicious acts.

Initial vAMM - SNEK/wAVAX and SNEK/USDC pools will have 2% swap fee for POL build-up

SoliSnek will support two types of pools at launch:

Stable pools

Stable pools are designed for assets that are correlated and have no or have low volatility That would include pools like USDC/DAI, AVAX/vAVAX, WBTC/BTC.B

They are using Solidly derived formula :

xΒ³y + yΒ³x β‰₯ k

Stable pools will have dynamic fee of up to 0.05% max

Volatile pools

Volatile pools are industry standard UNISWAP V2 pools that are designed for volatile assets and are using constant product curve.

They are using formula

x * y = k

Volatile pools will have dynamic fee of up to 5% max

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