Gauge boost

What is the vote locking boost?

When vote escrowing $SNEK, you can also earn a boost on your provided liquidity of up to 2.5x. The goal is to incentivise loyal and committed users rewarding them with a bigger share of $SNEK emissions

How is user boost calculated?

Liquidity pools on SoliSnek have a base of 1.0x boost up to a maximum of 2.5x, based on several factors such as your veSNEK size and the amount of your LP staked in proportion to the total pool.

The larger your veSNEK position is, proportional to your provided liquidity in LP and other veSNEK holders in that pool, the higher your boost is, up to a maximum of 2.5x. This means range of APRs in pools is (1.0->2.5x) or more accurately (0.4x->1x)

TLDR; boost formula

min((0.4βˆ—P(A))+(0.6βˆ—S(A)/Sβˆ—P),P(A))min((0.4*P(A))+(0.6*S(A)/S*P), P(A))

Formula for calculating boosted emissions is as follows:

D(A)=0.4βˆ—P(A)+(0.6βˆ—S(A)/Sβˆ—P)D(A) =0.4*P(A) + (0.6*S(A)/S*P)
EW(A)=min(D(A),P(A))EW(A) = min (D(A) , P(A))
W(A)=EW(A)/PW(A) = EW(A)/P
B=EW(A)/P(A)B = EW(A)/P(A)
E(A)=W(A)βˆ—EE(A) = W(A)*E


E = pool emissions

P(A) = liquidity provided by user A

P = total liquidity in pool

S(A) = user locked SNEK (veSNEK)

S = total locked SNEK (veSNEK)

B = boost of user A, in range from 0.4 to 1

D(A) = derived power of user A

EW(A) = earning weight of user A

W(A) = weight of user A

E(A) = emissions for user A

Following two tables show difference in emissions for user based on his locked veSNEK position

For users that wish to experiment with numbers you can click here. This will create a copy for you in google sheets.

What if I provide liquidity in multiple pools?

Your voting power applies to all gauges but may produce different boosts based on how much liquidity you are providing and how much total liquidity the pool has.

What happens if more people vote lock?

If other liquidity providers lock more SNEK, your boost will stay what it was when you applied it.

How often does my boost record voting power change?

Your voting weight decreases over time but your boost will take notice of your decreasing voting power at certain checkpoints like withdrawing, depositing into a gauge or claiming SNEK

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