For the first few several epochs, all gauge whitelist will be controlled by team to ensure there will be no potential harmful plays.

Reward whitelist will be controlled by team to ensure no malicious acts happen (such as bribing with an liquid asset which would result in a very high APR for vote attraction)

A core feature of any ve(3,3) model is bribing. SoliSnek, like all other core Solidly projects has two types of bribes:

Users or protocols have the ability to offer incentives, known as vote bribes, to voters in exchange for directing emissions towards specific token pairs. The bribers then receive a portion of the bribes that are proportionate to their contributions.

Additionally, gauge bribes work similarly to emissions but are used to incentivize LP stakers directly with tokens to encourage liquidity growth for specific token pairs. This feature is especially useful for protocols aiming to efficiently establish liquidity on SoliSnek.

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