Synapse is one of most widely used bridges across all blockchains, additional reason why we are using it as an example is cause they provide users with small amount of native gas token (deducted from your bridging output balance) upon completing transfer

  1. From there navigate to the "Bridge" tab in the Synapse app

  2. Select the network that you wish to transfer funds out of using the "From" dropdown menu

  3. Select the assets that you wish to bridge from the dropdown menu to the right of the input field (in our case USDT).

  4. Select Avalanche as destination chain from the "To" dropdown menu.

  5. Input the amount that you would like to transfer into the number field

  6. Make sure that the amount you will be receiving appears correct, and click "Approve Token" to grant Synapse approval to spend the stablecoin you are swapping

  7. Click "Bridge Token" after the approval has been confirmed to bridge your funds.

  8. After you have received your funds hop to and swap your assets

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